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​This page gives general information about my sculptures. For info on an individual sculpture, either click on its picture in the SLIDE SHOW on this page, or go to  GALLERY.                         

CREATING & CONSTRUCTING EACH SCULPTURE: I design and make each sculpture myself, in my one person studio, in Chapel Hill, NC.  I have no apprentices and no employees. That has been true during all 45 years of my career.

SIZE NOTE: You can't judge a sculpture's size from the picture alone, because there is nothing next to it for reference.  So, I show all dimensions, and other info, when you click on the individual photo.

BASES: All sculptures are permanently attached to their bases. Bases are either black marble or clear acrylic. On some non 1/1 sculptures, the buyer may specify  a different base than the one pictured.

SIGNATURE: I sign each sculpture that I do with an engraving pen.​​

​HOW MANY IN THE SERIES?: When you click on a picture, information comes up on this.  It will say one of three things:
      *1/1 (one of a kind): This is the only one.  1/1 is engraved next to my signature. I reserve the right to scale           the design up or down significantly.  Example: I do miniatures (ie 10-12"tall) of some of my bigger sculptures.
      *Limited Edition: If a sculpture is engraved 2/5 next to my signature, for example, 5 is the most I can make,         and this is  #2 (the second I made).  
      *Open Edition:  I can make this design and offer it for sale again. I do not number  open edition sculptures.

THE METAL:  All of the metal shown here is tarnishproof (except for the metal used on one sculpture, Turn,Turn,Turn). The STAINLESS STEEL in my sculptures is buffed up to a mirror finish. The ALUMINUM is a high grade alloy, both buffed and chemically polished, and is anodized.  The anodizing hardens the surface and is what makes it tarnish proof and weatherproof. Anodized aluminum can be made the gold color, which I use in many sculptures.  In most areas, my sculptures can be placed outside without harming the metal. I'm told that no metal is safe in areas where the ocean mist hits it regularly. 

METAL COLOR ON SCULPTURES PURCHASED: If the sculpture ordered is 1/1(one of a kind), it can be purchased only as shown. If the sculpture ordered is a limited edition sculpture using narrow bands of metal, generally it can be purchased as shown, or in all silver, all gold, or a mix of the two colors.  The same is true for open edition sculptures.  Clicking on the individual photo brings up a page just for that sculpture which tells whether the sculpture is 1/1, ltd edition or open edition.